Jan 2018 Show

Jan 2018 Little Laffs Recap Little Laffs started off 2018 with a full and happy audience. Twistin’ Todd warmed up the audience with a few balloon tricks, and watched as families poured in and filled the room. Benjamin Weiner introduced his partner, Princess Backpack, and they sang a number of silly and bouncy songs. We found out why he can’t have a gryphon as a pet (you had to be there). Closing the show was one of our faves, Magic Al Garber! Magic Al had the audience rolling as he cracked jokes, birdie eggs, and more.

Dec 2017 Show

Dec 2017 Little Laffs Acts December’s holiday show was jam-packed with families having fun at the Jalopy Theatre. Little Miss Maya facepainted at the beginning of the show while Todd welcomed the audience with juggling tricks and a balloon mystery. Andrea Noel, a Balloon Puppeteer from Wisconsin, introduced the kids to “Elvis” who did a series of silly tricks with an audience volunteer. Lloyd H. Miller then had the kids up and dancing and singing. Finally, Guido Verhoef from The Netherlands did a series of wacky balloon trick followed by a giant motorcycle sculpture. It was a memorable show for us all!

June 5th Show

June_LittleLaffsLittle Laffs kicked off the summer with a dynamite show at the Jalopy Theatre! Stewzo kicked off the show with music and puppets and comedy. He introduced us to a few of his stuffed friends, and their antics kept the kids laughing the entire time. Jalopy favorite Suzi Shelton sang a few of her classics, and then brought up two guest singers. The three of them sang in harmony and had the kids clapping and dancing along. Finally, R. David Robinson, aka, BirthdayMax, did hilarious magic routines that kept the kids rolling and laughing. He finished by having four kids from the audience balance a spinning plate. What a way to end the Little Laffs year! See you in the fall!

May 1st Show

May_LittleLaffsOur May audience was treated to a tremendous variety show. Yo-yo master Justin Weber showed us a selection of interesting yo-yos and more interesting tricks. He manipulated several at once in a variety of complex patterns. One-man-band KB Whirly came from Boston to fill the stage with music and excitement. He had the entire audience singing and dancing and wanting more. Surprising the audience was Willy Monroe, who came from Madrid, Spain to show us some of the tricks that take him to festivals around the world. He performed magic with balloons, and finished with a hilarious rubber glove routine. Closing the show was the always-magical Xanadu, Master of Deception. Xanadu packed an endless amount of magic into his set, keeping the audience laughing and fooled the entire time. We hope all four performers come back soon.

April 3rd Show

April Little Laffs Recap Three of our favorite acts came to the Jalopy Theatre in April to entertain our friends and families. Douglas Stafford visited from Philly to show us some of his favorite tricks, including juggling pins while rolling on a pipe, balancing boxes, spinning crystal balls, and even levitating an audience member! Next, Lily Virginia from Lilypad Music immediately got the kids clapping and singing. She has a unique way of mixing classics with originals and connecting with each child. Finally, magician Steve Rodman kept the kids laughing with a rapid succession of magic tricks. He had paper coils coming out of, well, everywhere, and eggs disappearing, and hats changing, and more! Our packed house thoroughly enjoyed everyone at the April show.

March 6th Show


Thank you all who weathered the March New York City cold. We had a great show featuring Lloyd H. Miller who came and did what he does best, rock n’roll. He sat down on the floor to get the kids singing their hearts out and laughing! Our favorite young juggler, Bennett Santora, showed off some of his new tricks and performed some of his favorites. The fabulously dressed Razzle Dazzle performed magic that got the kids up on stage and laughing out loud.

February 7th Show

FullSizeRender Our february Little Laff’s show was full of love, laughter, and excitement! We had the The Great Lerdini on our stage for the first time who WOWed everyone with a very scaly and fishy trick!  On top of that and with lots of love and care, when you hire The Great Lerdini, you will donate a magical performance for a child at NY Methodist Hospital! Our second performer to the stage was the ever-so-silly and ever-so-wonderful Keith Nelson of Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts. Keith with his physical comedy had everyone laughing, screaming, and nearly pulling their hair out with his jokes! Follow us on Instagram to see all of our great photos! 

January 3rd Show

Jan 2015 Little Laffs performers January’s Little Laffs was sold out and packed with happy families. Twistin’ Todd welcomed the huge audience and introduced the performers.  Magic Al started the show with his trademark combo of jokes, visual gags, magic, audience interaction, and even a live animal. Professional funnyman and juggler Will Shaw followed with a barrage of crazy hat tricks and impossible-looking juggling tricks. The only way to close a show this good is with a super-high-energy band. The Trummytones, your favorite band, brought the house down with their fun-tastic blend of ska, reggae, and calypso.

December 6th Show

Dec 2015 Little LaffsWow, what a show! Author Melanie Hope-Greenberg opened the show by reading one of her richly illustrated books, and was soon accompanied by musician Suzi Shelton for her famous “Mermaids on Parade” story. Suzi continued to play some audience favorites, including a sing-a-along medley that had the kids and adults all clapping along. Finally, Xanadu, Master of Deception kept the kids laughing and mystified with a series of fast-paced magic tricks and jokes.

November 1st Show

Our November Show was full of candy overloaded children who came out to see a great line up of artists perform for them on the Jalopy Theatre. Our first entertainer, Justin “YoYo” Weber, pulled out all of the tricks when he taught the kids how to YoYo and showed off his talent, along with his juggling skills showing everyone how to juggle not just balls but pins and hoops. He also showed everyone in the spirit of Halloween, how to do contact juggling with a super eery and cool magical crystal ball! Twistin’ Todd tried his own hand at juggling, but he knows to keep to balloons. Todd made some really awesome balloons for the audience and one special little guy got to dress up not just for Halloween but on the Little Laffs stage, when Todd transformed him into a chicken and they did a fun rendition of the Chicken Dance together! Our musical act, The Red Hook Rascals, didn’t forget about the Halloween spirit when they sang some fun and spooky songs that had the kids running away from monsters, acting like zombies, and riding around on broomsticks like witches! Thank you all for coming out to Little Laffs and we look forward to seeing you next month!

October 4th Show

October 4 “International Day” at Little Laffs was a huge party with a packed house. Our first performer, Ian Stewart, traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada. Ian holds the Guiness World Record for chainsaw juggling and though he did not juggle any chainsaws for our little ones he did balance on a rolling board and juggle three real knives. He also had the most adorable helpers on stage, one who got to be the opening act when she balanced two plates one on a stick and the other on top of her head! Our second performer, Matias Letelier, is a wonderful New York City children’s magician who moved here from Santiago, Chile! Magician Matias did many illusions and helped us all use our imagination while Matias managed to transform a white stuffed animal bunny rabbit into his adorable real-life bunny, Gafas! Our final performers, Nate & Kate, travelled from Ithaca, New York bringing their music and juggling to our little show. Nate & Kate sang some of our favorites including a round-robin of This Little Light of Mine, You are my Sunshine, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They ended the show by melding juggling and music into one virtuoso routine. It was a great Little Laffs and we look forward to seeing you next month!

September 13th Show

IMG_8921We had a wonderful show full of a ton of new talent and a pint-sized amount of old talent! Our first performer to the stage was now ELEVEN year-old, Bennet Santora. He had a birthday and we forgot to notice it! Bennet wowed the crowd with a ton of new tricks including balancing on a Rola bola, juggling, spinning a plate, and throwing a ball into a glass bowl on his head! Did we mention he is eleven? Our next performer to the stage, Ari Brand, brought the house down with his amazing sing-a-long songs that had all of the kids up and dancing and singing along, some of the kids really got into a rocking version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Our final performer, the very talented Michael Kirschner pulled out all of the stops with magic, balloons, and some out of the world card tricks. I will be checking my remote control a lot more often when it stops working.

August 2nd Show

August Little Laffs The Jalopy Theater was packed with little ones singing to the music of Brian Stearns. Brian had all of the kids learning fantastic new songs and even some sign language! Our fantastic new friend, Stewzo, entertained us all with his lively songs and introduced us to his friends Moose the Mouse, Frank, and one who traveled all the way from the circus, Mr. Clown Face. Stewzo had all of the kids giggling when his buddy Mr. Clown Face kept losing his face! Our final performer, Cardone,, introduced us all to one of the oldest magic tricks in the world, showed us some mind-blowing card tricks, and even performed one very tricky and dangerous feat for all of us to see!

July 12th Show

LilypadMusicJuly’s Little Laffs brought three new top performers to our stage; Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn, BirthdayMax, and Lily of Lilypad Music. Everyone was laughing, singing, and dancing around Jalopy Theatre. Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn of Miz Liz and Company, did a human puppet act featuring a pint-sized break dancer, silly high jinks, and juggling. They also brought in a guest performer who entertained between their sets! Newcomer to the Brooklyn music scene, Lily of Lilypad Music, performed a mix of new and old favorite songs that got the kids swimming like sharks and roaring like lions. Our closing act, R. David Robinson aka BirthdayMax, pulled out all of the stops with his hilarious magic show that had all of the kids screaming and laughing, with him or at him, as magic happened all over the theatre.

June 7th Show

Magician Gary the GreatTo celebrate the summer, Little Laffs took it up a notch! Twistin’ Todd was our host and MC for the morning, and welcomed new and old friends. Our first performer was the very handsome and talented Handsome Harry. Harry made his Little Laffs debut in style with complicated juggling tricks and a charming personality. Magician Gary the Great returned to Little Laffs to once again blow us all away with his fun and very entertaining magic. Gary also did a very scary dangerous trick, playing “juggler” with THREE KNIVES! Closing the show was The Trummytones, everyone’s new favorite band, who had everyone up on their feet as they led us through Jalopy Theatre in a conga line. Their energy and island sound was a perfect complement to a perfect Sunday morning at Little Laffs. We’ll see you all next month!

May 3rd Show

May3 This month’s Little Laffs show featured Suzi Shelton, one of Brooklyn’s hottest children’s music entertainers. Suzi performed her fun and upbeat songs from her new album, “Smile In My Heart.” The kids were dancing around and singing along to her songs; “Go, Fire Truck, Go,” “Goin’ On A Road Trip,” and she even brought with her a special guest who traveled a long long way to join her on stage”Cinnamon Bear!” Twistin’ Todd Neufeld did a bunch of his super gross and super funny tricks, including blowing up a balloon with his nose! Our final performer, was funny man and magician, Joe Maxwell. Joe had all of the kids rolling on the floor with laughter as he pulled out a piece of bread from his magic bag or when he had the kids throwing color into his magic coloring book!

April 12th Show

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.17.56 PMLittle Laffs had been pushed back due to the many holidays the first week of April, but that didn’t stop the fun happening a week later! We had a wonderful line up of talented performers including the talented magician, Ben Nemzer. Ben had forgotten his magician’s assistant, but that did not stop him from pulling kids from the audience to help. The kids were screaming, laughing, and helping with the magic words to create true magic at the fabulous Jalopy Theater. Our next performer, Princess Elsa, traveled a far distance to join us and show us her amazing magic and sing us one of her most famous songs while making it snow on stage! Jordan Shapiro, of Astrograss fame, with his guitar  had the kids dancing along to his fine tunes! Our final performer, Douglas Stafford, traveled from Philadelphia and enthralled the audience with out of this world juggling and Bad Ideas!

March 1st Show

Dazzle Dazzle at March 1st Little LaffsGetting out of the cold was easy for this March Little Laffs Show, packed with some old and new favorites! Mike “The Ballooniac” Gold, expertly emceed the show.  He performed a few fun songs, did a little balloon magic, and kept the show moving. One lucky boy even flew off the stage in his very own balloon jet pack! Our first and youngest performer was Bennet Santora! Bennet has performed at Little Laffs before and returned to WOW us all with his juggling and new tricks, including juggling and bouncing rings! Hilary Hawke was also back to sing to the kids and get them dancing around, clapping, and singing with her two favorite instruments in ALL of the world, the banjo and ukulele! Our last performer was the very super-talented, Razzle Dazzle Magician, Tanya Solomon! She brought lots of helpers on stage to be a part of her fun, funny, and entertaining magic tricks.  All of the kids were mesmerized by her magic!

February 1st Show

littlelaffsfeb1Little Laffs was a huge success with so many great new talents on the stage and a wonderful return of the talented magician, Steve Rodman. Little Laffs started off getting all wound up with some amazing yo-yo tricks and delights from, Justin “YoYo” Weber, who amazed us all. Performing classic tricks such as; around the world, walk the dog, trapeze walker and so many more, while also performing out of this world tricks including taking a YoYo off the string! The Good Ms Padgett and her daughter, Penelope rocked the Little Laffs stage with their songs “I’m a little Doodlebug” and re-telling the story of “The Little Red Hen” along with so many more that had the kids clapping and dancing along! Our final act was the very funny, Steve Rodman, who we were so happy to have back on the Little Laffs stage. Steve had the kids yelling, screaming, and laughing at his silly magic tricks that put a huge smile on everyone’s faces!

January 3rd Show

Little Laffs Jan 3The packed house at Little Laffs this month was a great way to start off the new year! Suzi Shelton came and performed this month and provided us with this great photo of all of the kids showing their love for her music, Little Laffs, and a fun day in Brooklyn! Suzi had all of the kids hopping around like frogs, dancing around with their partners, and singing along to all of her fabulous songs. The second performer, Gary the Great, amazed everyone with his hilarious magic tricks and brought out the largest straw the world may have ever seen! Gary also showed off a little more than anyone could have imagined, when he accidentally pulled out his undies! The final performer at Little Laffs, April Brucker brought along some of her own puppet friends and closed out the show with lots of laughs and humor.

December 7th Show

Lloyd Miller Dec 7The very LAST Little Laffs show was a huge success, last show of the year! You were worried there, weren’t you? Well, we had a great time with the North Pole Nonsense elves who got everyone in the holiday spirit with their foolish antics! They had everyone in the audience laughing as they explored presents BIG and small. Those elves also showed off the dreaded humbug and taught us all how to stop them from trying to steal Christmas spirit! We also had a lot of fun with Lloyd H. Miller, who guided us through some of our favorite holiday songs including “Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah” and an incredible DMX impersonation singing “Rudolf the Rednosed Reindeer.” Lloyd also sang one of his own songs about the most hated animals in ALL of New York City, the RAT! Twistin’  Todd ended the show with some BIG time balloons, as he climbed inside of a HUGE balloon to end the last show of Little Laffs, for the year! Don’t worry we will be back next year, January 4, 2015!

November 2nd Show

Little LaffsThank you to everyone who came out and a huge thanks to Joey (and Joey’s mom) for having an amazing birthday party and including Little Laffs into your big day! We had a great turn out and were happy to have a wonderful return music act (formally the Whistling Wolves), The Red Hook Rascals, who had all of the kids on their feet dancing, whistling, and jumping around Jalopy Theatre to their Americana rhythmic folk tunes. The Master of (Somewhat Controlled) Disaster, Douglas Stafford who hails from Philadelphia, PA mesmerized the audience with his amazing juggling act; balancing a plate suspended on a stick from his chin, eating a ton of marshmallows, and doing an out of this world cigar box game of Jenga! Douglas Stafford is a funny jack of all trades! Twistin’ Todd did his own music routine with the kids and created a large wearable chicken and had all of the kids up on their feet dancin’ to that crazy chicken dance song! Todd also created not just a regular balloon dog but a HUGE balloon dog! Todd’s final TOP SECRET trick creating a special birthday cake hat for the birthday boy Joey. Little Laffs was a huge success and we were happy to help celebrate Joey’s birthday!

October 5th Show

Little LaffsThanks for coming to our  October Little Laffs show!  Todd started off the show with the help of some really gross “special sauce” and wowed the audience with his magic “un-poppable balloon.” Next up was juggler Bennett Santora. The crowd loved Bennett’s fun performance of juggling up to 6 balls! The third act was musician Jordan Shapiro who took us from Brooklyn and onto the high seas while singing a fun pirate song. Finally, magician Steve Rodman (in the spirit of Halloween) transformed one of his magician assistants into Frankenstein! Steve used more kids on stage than any other Little Laffs performer — and everyone on and off-stage laughed and enjoyed his set. We hope that Bennett, Jordan, and Steve all come back for a future Little Laffs.

September 7th Show

little laffsAfter returning from a summer off, our Back to School show was a huge success. Thank you everyone for coming out and showing our performers such great love. Audra Rox and Jennifer Milich took us all on a subway ride while they rocked the house with their amazing songs that had everyone singing along, dancing, jumping and soaring around Jalopy Theatre. Audra had double duty this month playing MC for the show while Todd was away in Türkey, BIG props to her! Jaysin the Magician stunned everyone (including the adults) with his flying cards, how he managed to pull off the red lights from the Jalopy Theatre stage, well it still confuses me. Also, how did he manage to pull that paper out of the little boy’s shirt sleeve when he was across the room? An incredible performer and we can’t wait to see him again at Little Laffs! Our third act, Justin Wood ceases to astound everyone with his quirky antics and impressive juggling act. Justin finished the show by  balancing a chair on his chin to a huge round of applause.

June 1st Show

Little Laffs

Little Laffs’ first season ended with a BANG (or at least a big POP) on June 2nd. Filled with amazing local talent, our finale featured MC Twistin’ Todd Neufeld, who also showcased some fabulous balloon magic and daring juggling feats, mystifying magician David Levitan, and musical Mary Jo Poppins of Toddler Time with Mary Jo. With the help of the audience and a very special helper, magical Dave made a dollar bill disappear and reappear inside a potato. Yes, you read that correctly, the dollar bill wound up INSIDE the potato. Dave also amazed the audience with his yo-you expertise and made all the grown-ups wish Dave was around to help back when they were kids with the ever-present twisted yo-yo strings. Now if we all learn his trick it will be easier for us to get our ear buds untwisted! After being amazed by Dave, the audience was up moving and grooving with Mary Jo who, with the help of her jamstruments, rocked a great set including the hokey pokey and Bob Marley’s “Everythings Gonna Be Alright.” After the jammin’, Twistin’ Todd finished off the show with the Biggest Balloon In The World! Yes, that’s right, in an effort to tide our fans over until September Todd stuck his head and then his entire body into a humongous purple balloon!

We look forward to seeing all of you when Little Laffs kicks off Season Two on Sunday, September 7th! Join our mailing list to keep up to date with who will be at our next show!

May 4th Show


Little Laffs was full of some of the most spectacular performers from all of New York as well as the country. The show started out with Twistin’ Todd doing a little bit of fun balloon science with the help from a very trusting audience member. Todd proved to the audience that a balloon filled with water, won’t pop! How crazy is that?! Next onto stage was the very silly, Silly Billy. Dressed in oversized crazy colored pants and sporting a huge pair of glasses Silly Billy entertained the crowd with some amazing magic tricks, including a silly bunny that just wouldn’t stay in the hat. Michael Karas joined us again this month for another wonderful show entertaining everyone, not just the kids, with the art of juggling. Michael even tricked quite a few of us with his juggling magic act, I still didn’t know if our friend the turtle was in Ball 1, 2, or 3. Did any of you know all along? The bald and funny, Kirk Marsh also joined us at Little Laffs this month. Kirk is a world renowned physical comedian who didn’t seem to be able to find the stairs onto the stage, luckily there were some strong men in the audience who could give him a lift. Our final act was the vey talented, Allison Guinn and special guest Lauren Elder. Originally from Tennessee, Allison brought to the stage a little taste of Appalachian history and song with her autoharp. She had all of the kids shaking their bells, singing, and dancing along!

April 6th Show

balloniac.Still002April’s Little Laffs was chock-full of New York City’s most amazing and wonderful variety talent! Mike “The Ballooniac”  emceed and made amazing balloon art for Gabriel, who celebrated his birthday at the show. Thank you to Gabriel, his family, and friends for coming out to Jalopy Theatre and celebrating your BIG DAY. Along with “The Ballooniac,” Keith Nelson from The Bindlestiff Family Cirkus wowed the audience with a variety of juggling tricks.  Keith spun his diablo and somehow twirled wooden 5 lb top! Brooklyn favorite, Phranque, of Rolie Polie Guacamole got all of the kids to their feet singing and dancing to songs about how Spring is finally here! The last performer onto the stage was the talented and mystifying Cardone the Magician! Cardone began with mind-boggling coin and card tricks, pulling up a lot of  little audience members to be his magical assistant. For his finale, he bounced around the room and showed us all how he manages to escape his way out of straight jacket!

March 2nd Show

little laffs 3.2The March Little Laffs Show seemed to have a banana theme. Todd started off the show making a balloon dragonfly out of a one-of-kind-hand-painted balloon, something he hasn’t done in over 8 years! We were visited by a real princess, Princess Cassy, who introduced all of our acts and sang “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen. Ben Nemzer  to “forgot” his magician’s assistant, but found a lot of talent in the crowd to help him perform magic tricks, including eating a banana on stage! Hilary Hawke played her banjo and got all the kids singing and dancing to classics such as; “Skip to my Lou,” and “Shortnin’ Bread.”  She kept our banana theme going with a song about peeling a banana, making me hungry for Jalopy’s brunch specials.  Closing the show was the super talented Michael Karas.   Michael juggled balls off his head, his back, and under his legs. He then juggled up to 5 rings to the song “Banana Phone” (sticking with today’s theme).  Michael ended the show with a wonderful duet with a very disruptive puppet.  We hope everyone, including Ben, Cassy, Hilary, and Michael, come back soon!

February 2nd Show

littlelaffsLittle Laffs was full of surprises this month and packed with a wonderful full crowd of folk from all over Brooklyn! Magic Al Garber started off the show with lots of laughs and tons of great tricks, he may have event turned himself into a ballerina for a moment. Magic Al then introduced the first act of the morning, the very talented Justin Wood, who entertained the crowd with his juggling skills, balancing his very long Australian plunger on his chin, and then made his escape from a straight jacket! Little Laffs got a taste of the country this month with Hopalong Andrew . Hopalong Andrew  got everyone to their feet as they put on their cowgirl and cowboy hats while singing along and dosey-doe hoedown style with their partners to well-known folk songs such as “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain.” YeeHaw! Magic Al came back onto the stage and closed the show with some help from an audience member.

January 5th Show

Whistling Wolves2The year’s first Little Laffs was another packed house! We had a warm audience and an icy outdoors. Twistin’ Todd introduced to everyone his very first balloon friend as he welcomed everyone to the show. Next onto stage was juggler Keith Leaf . Keith juggled 5 balls and then some pretty crazy things; like tennis rackets and a plunger. Our musician stars were The Whistling Wolves, who are two-time world championship whistler, Emily Eagen, harmonica master Trip Henderson, and the guitar picker Chris Murphy. The Whistling Wolves entertained the audience and had the kids singing, jumping, and dancing around with their catchy Americana Folk sound. Our last performer was the very talented and funny John Reid, who entertained the kids and parents with his incredible magic show. John levitated a kid in front of everyone’s eyes and I am still wondering where those two birds disappeared to. Face Painter Sharon Enlow was there again transforming our audience into pretty princesses, superheros as well as a cute-as-a-button little piggy. We look forward to 2014 and all of the exciting Little Laffs shows in this new and upcoming year. Happy New Year!

December 1st Show

Justin-Wood-spinning-ballWe had the largest crowd at Little Laffs, thank you all for coming. It was great to see so many faces there. Todd started out the show with some fabulous balloon tricks including his A-MAZE-ing balloon maze and ended with some juggling tricks of his own. Todd then introduced the very talented juggler, Justin Wood, who showed Todd how juggling is really done. Justin did some incredible tricks including some death defying sword jugging, balancing chairs on his head, among other amazing feats. Todd came back to then introduce the musical guest Lloyd Miller of The Deedle Deedle Dees. Lloyd did some really great songs that had all of the kids dancing, stomping, and signing along with him. He even did a song about being a rat here in NYC! It was a super great show and we all had a lot of fun thanks to everyone who came out!



November 3rd show

Magic Al at LittleLaffsOur post-Halloween Little Laffs show was filled to capacity with friends, and neighbors. Todd opened the show with a few juggling tricks, and then introduced Ben Nemzer. Ben’s wallet caught on fire, he mixed up his helpers, and brought out the biggest magic wands ever! Jordan Shapiro sang some favorites, including a rousing “Happy Birthday” to Joey, who was having his birthday party later on in the day. Afterwards, Todd introduced the very funny Magic Al Garber. Magic Al did a couple of hilarious tricks, and magically produced a real bird! Throughout the show Allen Enlow painted the kids into butterflies, pirates, and more. Thanks for coming, we all had a great time!

September 29th: the Pilot

benThe show was a great success thanks to everyone who came out! Sharon Enlow painted faces for the kids; there were princesses, batman, spiderman, and other fantastic faces in the crowd. Todd opened the show with some amazing balloon tricks, which really got the audience excited for the next performance. AudraRox did a great set that had everyone singing, dancing, and playing some of the fun instruments she brought along, I think everyone is considering a ride on the Staten Island Ferry after her performance! Todd came back to do another fun routine with a super-fun helper, they even became twins for a second! Ben Nemzer closed the show with a series of awesome magic tricks that had everyone in the audience amazed and laughing along with him!