Jan 2018 Show

Little Laffs started off 2018 with a full and happy audience. Twistin’ Todd warmed up the audience with a few balloon tricks, and watched as families poured in and filled the room. Benjamin Weiner introduced his partner, Princess Backpack, and they sang a number of silly and bouncy songs. We found out why he can’t … Read more Jan 2018 Show

Dec 2017 Show

December’s holiday show was jam-packed with families having fun at the Jalopy Theatre. Little Miss Maya facepainted at the beginning of the show while Todd welcomed the audience with juggling tricks and a balloon mystery. Andrea Noel, a Balloon Puppeteer from Wisconsin, introduced the kids to “Elvis” who did a series of silly tricks with … Read more Dec 2017 Show

June 5th Show

Little Laffs kicked off the summer with a dynamite show at the Jalopy Theatre! Stewzo kicked off the show with music and puppets and comedy. He introduced us to a few of his stuffed friends, and their antics kept the kids laughing the entire time. Jalopy favorite Suzi Shelton sang a few of her classics, … Read more June 5th Show

May 1st Show

Our May audience was treated to a tremendous variety show. Yo-yo master Justin Weber showed us a selection of interesting yo-yos and more interesting tricks. He manipulated several at once in a variety of complex patterns. One-man-band KB Whirly came from Boston to fill the stage with music and excitement. He had the entire audience … Read more May 1st Show

April 3rd Show

Three of our favorite acts came to the Jalopy Theatre in April to entertain our friends and families. Douglas Stafford visited from Philly to show us some of his favorite tricks, including juggling pins while rolling on a pipe, balancing boxes, spinning crystal balls, and even levitating an audience member! Next, Lily Virginia from Lilypad … Read more April 3rd Show

March 6th Show

Thank you all who weathered the March New York City cold. We had a great show featuring Lloyd H. Miller who came and did what he does best, rock n’roll. He sat down on the floor to get the kids singing their hearts out and laughing! Our favorite young juggler, Bennett Santora, showed off some of his new tricks … Read more March 6th Show

January 3rd Show

January’s Little Laffs was sold out and packed with happy families. Twistin’ Todd welcomed the huge audience and introduced the performers.  Magic Al started the show with his trademark combo of jokes, visual gags, magic, audience interaction, and even a live animal. Professional funnyman and juggler Will Shaw followed with a barrage of crazy hat … Read more January 3rd Show

December 6th Show

Wow, what a show! Author Melanie Hope-Greenberg opened the show by reading one of her richly illustrated books, and was soon accompanied by musician Suzi Shelton for her famous “Mermaids on Parade” story. Suzi continued to play some audience favorites, including a sing-a-along medley that had the kids and adults all clapping along. Finally, Xanadu, … Read more December 6th Show

July 12th Show

July’s Little Laffs brought three new top performers to our stage; Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn, BirthdayMax, and Lily of Lilypad Music. Everyone was laughing, singing, and dancing around Jalopy Theatre. Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn of Miz Liz and Company, did a human puppet act featuring a pint-sized break dancer, silly high jinks, and juggling. They also brought in a … Read more July 12th Show

June 7th Show

To celebrate the summer, Little Laffs took it up a notch! Twistin’ Todd was our host and MC for the morning, and welcomed new and old friends. Our first performer was the very handsome and talented Handsome Harry. Harry made his Little Laffs debut in style with complicated juggling tricks and a charming personality. Magician Gary the Great returned to Little … Read more June 7th Show

May 3rd Show

 This month’s Little Laffs show featured Suzi Shelton, one of Brooklyn’s hottest children’s music entertainers. Suzi performed her fun and upbeat songs from her new album, “Smile In My Heart.” The kids were dancing around and singing along to her songs; “Go, Fire Truck, Go,” “Goin’ On A Road Trip,” and she even brought with her … Read more May 3rd Show

April 6th Show

April’s Little Laffs was chock-full of New York City’s most amazing and wonderful variety talent! Mike “The Ballooniac”  emceed and made amazing balloon art for Gabriel, who celebrated his birthday at the show. Thank you to Gabriel, his family, and friends for coming out to Jalopy Theatre and celebrating your BIG DAY. Along with “The Ballooniac,” Keith Nelson from The … Read more April 6th Show