July 12th Show

LilypadMusicJuly’s Little Laffs brought three new top performers to our stage; Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn, BirthdayMax, and Lily of Lilypad Music. Everyone was laughing, singing, and dancing around Jalopy Theatre. Liz Bolick and Therese Schorn of Miz Liz and Company, did a human puppet act featuring a pint-sized break dancer, silly high jinks, and juggling. They also brought in a guest performer who entertained between their sets! Newcomer to the Brooklyn music scene, Lily of Lilypad Music, performed a mix of new and old favorite songs that got the kids swimming like sharks and roaring like lions. Our closing act, R. David Robinson aka BirthdayMax, pulled out all of the stops with his hilarious magic show that had all of the kids screaming and laughing, with him or at him, as magic happened all over the theatre.