May 1st Show

May_LittleLaffsOur May audience was treated to a tremendous variety show. Yo-yo master Justin Weber showed us a selection of interesting yo-yos and more interesting tricks. He manipulated several at once in a variety of complex patterns. One-man-band KB Whirly came from Boston to fill the stage with music and excitement. He had the entire audience singing and dancing and wanting more. Surprising the audience was Willy Monroe, who came from Madrid, Spain to show us some of the tricks that take him to festivals around the world. He performed magic with balloons, and finished with a hilarious rubber glove routine. Closing the show was the always-magical Xanadu, Master of Deception. Xanadu packed an endless amount of magic into his set, keeping the audience laughing and fooled the entire time. We hope all four performers come back soon.