September 7th Show

little laffsAfter returning from a summer off, our Back to School show was a huge success. Thank you everyone for coming out and showing our performers such great love. Audra Rox and Jennifer Milich took us all on a subway ride while they rocked the house with their amazing songs that had everyone singing along, dancing, jumping and soaring around Jalopy Theatre. Audra had double duty this month playing MC for the show while Todd was away in Türkey, BIG props to her! Jaysin the Magician stunned everyone (including the adults) with his flying cards, how he managed to pull off the red lights from the Jalopy Theatre stage, well it still confuses me. Also, how did he manage to pull that paper out of the little boy’s shirt sleeve when he was across the room? An incredible performer and we can’t wait to see him again at Little Laffs! Our third act, Justin Wood ceases to astound everyone with his quirky antics and impressive juggling act. Justin finished the show by  balancing a chair on his chin to a huge round of applause.