January 5th Show

Whistling Wolves2The year’s first Little Laffs was another packed house! We had a warm audience and an icy outdoors. Twistin’ Todd introduced to everyone his very first balloon friend as he welcomed everyone to the show. Next onto stage was juggler Keith Leaf . Keith juggled 5 balls and then some pretty crazy things; like tennis rackets and a plunger. Our musician stars were The Whistling Wolves, who are two-time world championship whistler, Emily Eagen, harmonica master Trip Henderson, and the guitar picker Chris Murphy. The Whistling Wolves entertained the audience and had the kids singing, jumping, and dancing around with their catchy Americana Folk sound. Our last performer was the very talented and funny John Reid, who entertained the kids and parents with his incredible magic show. John levitated a kid in front of everyone’s eyes and I am still wondering where those two birds disappeared to. Face Painter Sharon Enlow was there again transforming our audience into pretty princesses, superheros as well as a cute-as-a-button little piggy. We look forward to 2014 and all of the exciting Little Laffs shows in this new and upcoming year. Happy New Year!