September 13th Show

IMG_8921We had a wonderful show full of a ton of new talent and a pint-sized amount of old talent! Our first performer to the stage was now ELEVEN year-old, Bennet Santora. He had a birthday and we forgot to notice it! Bennet wowed the crowd with a ton of new tricks including balancing on a Rola bola, juggling, spinning a plate, and throwing a ball into a glass bowl on his head! Did we mention he is eleven? Our next performer to the stage, Ari Brand, brought the house down with his amazing sing-a-long songs that had all of the kids up and dancing and singing along, some of the kids really got into a rocking version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Our final performer, the very talented Michael Kirschner pulled out all of the stops with magic, balloons, and some out of the world card tricks. I will be checking my remote control a lot more often when it stops working.