October 4th Show

October 4 “International Day” at Little Laffs was a huge party with a packed house. Our first performer, Ian Stewart, traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada. Ian holds the Guiness World Record for chainsaw juggling and though he did not juggle any chainsaws for our little ones he did balance on a rolling board and juggle three real knives. He also had the most adorable helpers on stage, one who got to be the opening act when she balanced two plates one on a stick and the other on top of her head! Our second performer, Matias Letelier, is a wonderful New York City children’s magician who moved here from Santiago, Chile! Magician Matias did many illusions and helped us all use our imagination while Matias managed to transform a white stuffed animal bunny rabbit into his adorable real-life bunny, Gafas! Our final performers, Nate & Kate, travelled from Ithaca, New York bringing their music and juggling to our little show. Nate & Kate sang some of our favorites including a round-robin of This Little Light of Mine, You are my Sunshine, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They ended the show by melding juggling and music into one virtuoso routine. It was a great Little Laffs and we look forward to seeing you next month!