May 4th Show


Little Laffs was full of some of the most spectacular performers from all of New York as well as the country. The show started out with Twistin’ Todd doing a little bit of fun balloon science with the help from a very trusting audience member. Todd proved to the audience that a balloon filled with water, won’t pop! How crazy is that?! Next onto stage was the very silly, Silly Billy. Dressed in oversized crazy colored pants and sporting a huge pair of glasses Silly Billy entertained the crowd with some amazing magic tricks, including a silly bunny that just wouldn’t stay in the hat. Michael Karas joined us again this month for another wonderful show entertaining everyone, not just the kids, with the art of juggling. Michael even tricked quite a few of us with his juggling magic act, I still didn’t know if our friend the turtle was in Ball 1, 2, or 3. Did any of you know all along? The bald and funny, Kirk Marsh also joined us at Little Laffs this month. Kirk is a world renowned physical comedian who didn’t seem to be able to find the stairs onto the stage, luckily there were some strong men in the audience who could give him a lift. Our final act was the vey talented, Allison Guinn and special guest Lauren Elder. Originally from Tennessee, Allison brought to the stage a little taste of Appalachian history and song with her autoharp. She had all of the kids shaking their bells, singing, and dancing along!